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For Local Authorities utilising Half Hourly unmetered supplies for their energy consumption, choosing the right Meter Administrator can substantially help to reduce the overall cost of the energy.

ICTIS designed and developed the software in use by all UK Meter Administrators. We are now a qualified Meter Administrator in our own right, and have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the application of the data used to calculate your energy. We designed the only software system that retrieves and calculates settlement based on CMS event logs. We were the only software developer on the advisory board at Elexon to discuss the introduction of CMS into settlements. As such we have unrivalled knowledge on how best to integrate a CMS system into settlements and to be able to identify problems quicker and more accurately than anyone else.

As ICTIS has unmatched knowledge of the Lailoken data structure, we can extract more from it. This means more information for you, to enable you to take a leading proactive role in the reduction of your energy costs, as well as the associated carbon footprint and CRC charges. This has enabled us to not only provide the most comprehensive set of monthly reports available, but also to provide this web portal from which you can view your daily settlement records and background data.

We are constantly developing enhancements to this site, and will shortly be adding more reports, such as consumption history over a period.